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Ideal time for Newborn photography

 Newborn photography – Ideal time

The ideal time to have a newborn photography or photo-session is within the first 10 days (max up to 14 days) from your baby’s birth. During this time, your little baby still has the “curl”, which simply means her arms and legs still curl up easily for effective photography. After two week your baby will make a big jump in growth and her arms and legs will stretch out more.

Also within the first 10 days, your baby falls into this so-called “choma sleep” after being fed. That way we can wrap him/her easily into blankets or move her arms and legs around without disturbing her too much. They sleep for much longer periods as well.

After a few weeks your baby will start to be more active and tries to look around as it is starting to develop her sight more and more. Don’t get me wrong, after 2 weeks you can still get gorgeous images, however, the typical newborn poses most likely won’t be possible. But there are other ways advantages to photographing a slightly older baby and your images will be equally as beautiful.

To schedule a session it is recommended to call/get in contact during your pregnancy. That way we can note down your due date and see closer at the time whether you will be early or late to re-arrange the exact timing of your session.

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