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About Us

If you are here then you or your loved ones are most likely expecting- Congratulations! This is such an absolutely amazing time in your life and it goes by so quickly.

These sessions are very unique; they need to be done within the first ten – Fifteen days of life so it is important that you book the session while a person is still pregnant.  We will take down your due date and plan for a session around that time frame.  Of course, little ones have ideas of their own and often time come quite a bit earlier or later than planned.  Not to worry, we will make it work.  Newborn sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home, we bring it all to you.  It is important to us that this session is as relaxing and comfortable for you as it is for your little one. Parents have been known to take this time as an opportunity to get a little extra sleep in, so feel free.

Newborn Photography  – Safety

The new born’s safety is the most important aspect of the photo session as for us, we at Little Dreamer can tell you what we do:  we wash our hands thoroughly before taking your baby for the first time and use hand sanitizer during the photo session to ensure newborn’s safety. We never put the baby in a prop made of glass or a prop which is not balanced properly. We use composites.  That being said, be prepared, most of our images are of naked little babies and they don’t wait to go to the bathroom!  Towels and baby wipes are always close by.

Mothers and their newborn Babies

Every session with LittleDreamer for NewBorn Photography is custom designed and styled with your family and story aesthetics in mind. When we meet for our pre planning appointment, we will talk about capturing your baby’s story. Through conceptual design methods, we will map out the story that will be cherished and remembered for many, many years. Someday your little one will grow up and want to know all about his birth, how excited his big sister was when she felt him kicking in your tummy, why he came earlier than expected, the joy you felt holding him for the very first time, and mostly he will want to see the photographs that portray the beginning of his life. You can’t get the beginning back. The beginning of everything is irreplaceable and speaks moments that only happen once at that given time.

Importance of the Mother

Nurturing is an eternal role that only a mother can possess. Mothers are the most important person in a baby’s life from the moment they are conceived. She is the irreplaceable role within the family unit. Becoming a mother is a special moment in her life that completely fulfills all her hopes and dreams. This is a time to cherish and capture the most precious gift you will ever receive. It’s a blessed opportunity to record these moments with your baby for the many generations to come.

Mothers are included in all sessions with their babies so that we may document your legacy and express the connection and love for your child.

We at NewBorn Photography aren’t just photographers. We’re kid wranglers, artists, psychologists, giggle experts, style mavens,  baby whisperers, beauty seekers, framing specialists, art installers, party planners and simply —good friends.

We look forward to working with you and snuggling your little love.

For more information regarding NewBorn Photography or to book a session feel free to give us a call at+91 95990 86688, +91 98733 53393 or fill out the contact form or email us directly at memories@newbornphotography.in

“Anyone can take a picture.  It takes an artist to make them speak”